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Re: xmonad-contrib amd64

	Hi there!

* Nathan Smoot <nsmoot@umd.edu> [2009-08-10 22:15:41 CEST]:
> Is there something preventing the backport of libghc6-xmonad-contrib-dev
> for amd64? It appears the package is only available for alpha, i386, and
> ia64. I was not able to locate any discussions on this topic or build
> logs.
> fwiw, the same is true for libghc6-xmonad-contrib-prof.

 For a start, both of the packages are built from the same source, so
it's no wonder that neither of them is available. :)

 The problem seems to be here that xmonad-contrib was tried to get built
before xmonad was finished building - and thus did run into an error
installing its build-dependencies.

 According to
it is built everywhere besides mips and mipsel, so a give-back of
xmonard-contrib should get it building properly.

 I sent the following two lines to #debian-buildd on OFTC (with the
notice that it's for the experimental buildd network):

gb xmonad-contrib_0.8-5~bpo50+1 . amd64 arm armel powerpc s390 sparc
dw xmonad-contrib_0.8-5~bpo50+1 . mips mipsel . -m 'libghc6-xmonad-prof (>= 0.8)'

 Hopefully it will get picked up soonishly.

 So long. :)

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