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Error trying to compile module iscsitarget

Hi all,


I am trying to compile iscsitarget module against kernel

linux-image- 2.6.30-bpo.1-amd64.  But it won't compile.

Getting this error:

   CC [M]  /usr/src/modules/iscsitarget/kernel/config.o

/usr/src/modules/iscsitarget/kernel/config.c: In function


/usr/src/modules/iscsitarget/kernel/config.c:46: error: 'struct

proc_dir_entry' has no member named 'owner'


root@csu6220509:~# apt-show-versions | grep iscsitarget

iscsitarget/lenny uptodate 0.4.16+svn162-3

iscsitarget-source/lenny uptodate 0.4.16+svn162-3


I have compiled iscsitarget against 2.6.26 with no problems, however

I am running into problems with 2.6.26 on my multicore which is why

I'm trying to use 2.6.30.


Mark Paulus
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Colorado Springs, CO  80919   
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