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Re: PostgreSQL 8.4 into lenny-backports

Cyril Bouthors schrieb am Monday, den 29. June 2009:


> >> Then we need to wait for 8.4.0 final before uploading to BPO, if
> >> everyone agrees.
> > In fact you have to wait until 8.4.0 is in testing. 
> OK, thanks for the information, we'll wait.
> I'll upload an unofficial backport for those who need it in the
> meanwhile.
Good news. DSA asked me to add an exception for postgresql 8.4 on bpo and so
Gerfried Fuchs is currently preparing 8.4 for lenny-backports. 

But beware: support for 8.4 on lenny-bpo will be stopped if 8.5 releases
(it will even be removed from archive, so you have to update to 8.5). See
the other discussions about this topic on this mailinglist. 

Alex - bpo ftpmaster

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> Cyril Bouthors

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