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Re: PostgreSQL 8.4 into lenny-backports

* Cyril Bouthors <cyb@debian.org> [2009-06-29 12:21:47 CEST]:
> I'd be interested to use PostgreSQL 8.4 [1] under lenny and since others
> might be interested too, it's probably best to upload it to
> lenny-backports.

 Like others said, not before it hits *squeeze*.

> I've seen that you already maintain 8.3/lenny-backports but I see
> nothing about 8.4 on the mailing list so far. Would you be interested in
> help from me to build and upload the package?

 Erm, no. I maintain 8.3/etch-backports. There is no need for
8.3/lenny-backports because the release team granted the exception to
upload the newer 8.3 version directly to lenny. Lenny was originally
releases with 8.3.6 and now does contain 8.3.7.

> I already have upload access to BPO and I've been talking to Martin Pitt
> for technical advices about package building but I'd like to avoid
> duplicate work with you.

 Furthermore, please read the archive for the discussion about
discontinuation of the postgresql-8.2 packages in backports. When we do
upload 8.4 to lenny-backports we most propably will stumble into exactly
the same issues again, as Martin raised back in those threads. I really
would encourage you to not rush something in without checking the

 And about "duplicate work", so far it wasn't really much work to create
the backports, and I never objected to continuing to maintain postgresql
in backports. Especially, you might have noticed that I already did
upload a version of postgresql-common to lenny-backports in preparation
for being able to update postgresql-8.3 in lenny-backports just before
the decision was made for the update to lenny directly rendering that
upload unneeded. But yes, I was thinking of continuing postgres in
backports ever since I uploaded it to etch-backports back then.

 On other hands, if you really feel strongly about it, and are up for
the discussions that definitely will pop up when 8.4 will get
discontinued in squeeze and you loose your base for the backport and
Alexander will propably question removal of the package from
lenny-backports, you can have the package, I'm not that tightly attached
to this backport anymore.

 So long,
Rhonda [rather trying to get pgadmin3 in shape for when pg8.4 hits unstable]

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