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Re: PostgreSQL 8.4 into lenny-backports

Cyril Bouthors schrieb am Monday, den 29. June 2009:

> Gerfried,
> I'd be interested to use PostgreSQL 8.4 [1] under lenny and since others
> might be interested too, it's probably best to upload it to
> lenny-backports.
> I've seen that you already maintain 8.3/lenny-backports but I see
> nothing about 8.4 on the mailing list so far. Would you be interested in
> help from me to build and upload the package?
> I already have upload access to BPO and I've been talking to Martin Pitt
> for technical advices about package building but I'd like to avoid
> duplicate work with you.
> Please let me know what you think about that.
> Regards,
> [1] http://packages.debian.org/experimental/postgresql-8.4

You see the experimental? 

So 8.4 is no candidate for backports.org. 


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