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Backports mirror


We would like to contribute to the backports project by offering a
mirror located in Denmark. How do you get listed on
http://www.backports.org/debian/README.mirrors.html ?
I did try mailing Joerg Jaspert, but without luck. Is someone else
taking care of the mirrors now?

> Site: backports.bellcom.dk
> Aliases: mirror.bellcom.dk
> Type: Push-Primary
> Archive-ftp: /backports.org/
> Archive-http: /backports.org/
> Mirrors-from: syncproxy.backports.org
> Maintainer: Morten M. Hansen <mmh@bellcom.dk>
> Country: DK Denmark
> Location: Kolding
> Sponsor: Bellcom Open Source. http://www.bellcom.dk

Best Regards
Morten M. Hansen
Bellcom Open Source
Tlf: +45 70 26 00 85

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