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Re: [bpo40, bpo50] Subversion 1.5.6

Stuart Rowan wrote:
>> Michael Diers wrote, on 17/03/09 09:35:
>> Currently, I'm preparing a backport of Subversion 1.5.6 for lenny. I
>> plan to create one for etch as well.
> I noticed that squeeze has Subversion 1.5.6. Is the back-port of this
> version to Lenny likely to happen soon?

> I only ask because we've had 1.5.1 create huge (1.2+GB RAM) Apache
> processes and I'm almost at the point of building my own packages of a
> more recent Subversion just to see if that helps things along. I do
> realise that the large processes could be Apache itself, phase of the
> moon, AC/DC at fault but Subversion is first on my suspect list :-)

> Also, does anyone know the timelines for subversion 1.6.x (I just
> spotted it) into Debian?


yes, the backport should be ready Real Soon Now. I'm successfully
running it on a lenny box as we speak.

IMHO, Subversion 1.5.5 was pretty much the first "production ready"
1.5.x release. However, I have not seen the sort of memory footprint you
describe even with 1.5.1.

Peter has already shipped Subversion 1.6.x into experimental, cf.

Not sure about the plans for its promotion.

Michael Diers, Software Developer

elego Software Solutions GmbH, http://www.elego.de

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