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Re: Releasing checklist/todo-list

Frank Lin PIAT schrieb am Saturday, den 21. February 2009:

> > if we need the time do get things for a new release done, then we need
> > the time.
> I don't know backports constraints. Actually, thinking of it, I
> understand that you probably need ${stable} to backport stuffs to
> ${stable} !
For example setting up our buildd network, we don't want to start until the
most important buildds are ready (i386,amd64,ppc). 

> > So please don't do that. 
> That was a wishlist, it's up to you.
We already try to get it ready as soon as possible, having listed this
somewhere in some checklist wouldn't change anything for anybody. 

> > Alex - ftpmaster of backports.org
> BTW, big thanks for providing this service.
You are welcome. 


P.S. I don't think 4-5 days are a long time to wait. 

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