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Re: Request: libgtk2.0-0 v2.10.14 (for FF3)

Mișu Moldovan schrieb:

> Stephan Fuhrmann <s_fuhrm@arcor.de> a scris: 
>> [...]
>> Can anyone supply such a package? It's a shame that Debianists can't use
>> the current Firefox!
> I have used FF 3.0 since beta2 in Debian Etch, but I have already
> upgraded GTK+ and GNOME using the repository from:
> http://download.tuxfamily.org/emiscabpo/gnome218-bpo/
> Details at http://emiscabpo.wordpress.com/about/ .

Mișu, thanks for the link! I want to warn everybody that this works
somehow, but it will make your system also in small aspects funny.
Not all packages provided there work clearly, I got package manager
errors and gdm crashed a lot. You'll probably need to trick around if
you finally want a clean Lenny some day.

For those interested, I compared the solutions proposed here on this
page: http://tynne.de/firefox3-debian-etch

Thanks for your hints!

-- Stephan

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