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Re: postgres 8.3.5 packages

* Markus Wanner <markus@bluegap.ch> [2008-11-12 16:55:03 CET]:
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> >  Sorry, but have you lost my mail address? :)  If so the backport does
> > carry it in the changlog, or in the signature on the .dsc file.
> Sorry, I missed the fact that you are the only Postgres backporter.

 As backporting packages usually don't need intensive work I'm not even
sure if there is a single package that has more than one backporter... ;)

> The question remains: how to avoid duplicate work? Do you download the
> source deb and compare? Or is there some sort of version control for
> backportes? How does that process work?

 I keep the interdiff from the previous backported source package and
apply it to the next source. I use version control for backports only
where the Debian package is already in a version control that I can
properly build upon, so far it's only done for bacula which is stored in

 svn isn't really an option because git-svn treads every tag as a branch
instead of at least trying to use it as tag unless proven wrong with
another commit to the corresponding tags directory.

 And for bzr - git-bzr isn't packaged and I haven't got around yet to
give it a deeper look. And bzr did behave badly to me several times so I
rather try to stay away from it when possible, and that would be the
thing I'd need for postgres.

 The diff is really just lowering TCL_VER in debian/rules and tcl*.dev
in debian/control, besides adding myself to Uploaders (so it appears on
my QA page and the obvious corresponding changes to the changelog.
Haven't taken a look at yours at all yet, is there more to it? Can you
spare me the download?

 So long,
[1] <http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=Gerfried+Fuchs>

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