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Re: [Pkg-postgresql-public] [GENERAL] Re: Postgres major version support policy on Debian

Scott Marlowe [2008-10-10 15:43 -0600]:
> This is certainly not true for slony on ubuntu.  On Ubuntu there's a
> slony1-bin package that has the common files, and then there's
> postgresql-8.x-slony1 package for each pgsql version that has the
> scripts to make that version happy.

The only difference in Ubuntu is the fix for
http://bugs.debian.org/499548 (missing dependency) which hasn't been
applied in Debian yet.

The slony1 package indeed DTRT, it builds postgresql-X.Y-slony1. Thus
if you upgrade from e. g. an 8.1 system, the -8.1-slony package will
stick around, and you can install postgresql-8.3 and
postgresql-8.3-slony1 to do the upgrade.


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