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Re: [Pkg-postgresql-public] Postgres major version support policy on Debian

Gerfried Fuchs [2008-10-06 17:04 +0200]:
>  I'm sorry to have done the addition of pg 8.2 initially, and propably
> should also be sorry for adding pg 8.3 to backports.org, I thought it
> would be a service to the users, 

It is, and I think that -8.3 in backports makes perfect sense. 
It is what Lenny will ship with, and thus will be maintained for the
next couple of years.

(If it helps, I'll do -8.3 package maintenance for the next 5 years
for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)


Martin Pitt                        | http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer (www.ubuntu.com)  | Debian Developer  (www.debian.org)

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