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Re: postgresql-8.2


 mode=extremely_terse because of tight time schedule personally.

* Markus Wanner <markus@bluegap.ch> [2008-07-30 19:04:49 CEST]:
> However, for Postgres there is no easy (enough) way of upgrading between 
> major versions (i.e. from 8.2 to 8.3).

 man pg_clusterupgrade

> So we are in the situation, that the etch backports once delivered
> packages for Postgres 8.2, but suddenly doesn't provide upgrades
> anymore.

 It does, pg_clusterupgrade is included in the pg 8.3 packages, too.

> For these reasons, I think it would be reasonable to continue shipping 
> new minor version Postgres packages for every major version that has 
> ever been shipped by a backport (i.e. 8.2 for etch-backports, maybe even 
> 8.3, if lenny comes out after Postgres 8.4 and decides to use that).

 I'm not able (and timely, willing) to track potential (security) issues
with packages that don't have a regular maintainer in the regular Debian
pool just for etch-backports, sorry. I won't though hold back anyone
else from doing so.

> I know it's a violation of the above mentioned rule. But the current
> situation makes the Postgres backports pretty much unusable for
> serious work, because one must be prepared for the
> 'no-more-upgrades-for-your-major-version' situation - which is pretty
> unpredictable.

 Seee pg_clusterupgrade again.

> I'm offering to maintain backports of 8.2 (and possibly 8.3, if
> required) for the etch-backports. I'm not a Debian maintainer, but
> I've already compiled various Debian packages.

 Much luck with it from my point, I hope you are willing to track
security issues for those in a timely manner and don't pass away after a
while? The latter is the main problem, it's not easy for someone else to
pick up such off-the-track packages.

 Again, sorry for the tight response, don't take it in the bad because
it's not meant like that.

 So long. :)

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