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Re: [RFS] clive, libssh2

Hi Mikhail,

[Mikhail Gusarov, 2008-06-29]
> I've prepared backports for clive and libssh2 packages (due to users'
> requests):
> http://debian.dottedmag.net/etch-backports/clive_0.4.14-1~bpo40%2b1.dsc

clive uploaded,

BTW: looks like your sponsor can upload to backports.org (take a look at his
FAQ[1] - question 8) - why didn't you ask this guy in the first place? ;-)

[1] http://people.debian.org/~piotr/sponsor
-=[     Piotr Ożarowski     ]=-
-=[ http://www.ozarowski.pl ]=-

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