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Re: PostGIS for PostgreSQL 8.3


* Albin Blaschka <albin.blaschka@gmail.com> [2008-07-18 14:19:59 CEST]:
> After a quick look through the archives, I found just the following 
> thread with this closing message:
> http://lists.backports.org/lurker-bpo/message/20080218.131320.68ba09e9.en.html

 Well, technically it's still the same deal: I don't use postgis and
thus propably I'm not the best person to do the backport of it. I would
suggest to maybe bother the package maintainers of postgis in regular
Debian about wether they might want to maintain the package for
backports, too? It's not too uncommon that they might use it in a stable
environment already by themself but just haven't thought about uploading
it to backports.

 Best luck,

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