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Re: Broken sun-java6-jre package

* Roy Sindre Norangshol <roy.sindre@norangshol.no> [2008-06-30 23:45:42 CEST]:
> >The following packages have unmet dependencies:
> >  sun-java6-jdk: Depends: sun-java6-jre (= 6-00-2~bpo.1) but it is not 
> >going to be installed
> >E: Broken packages
> >
> That's what it outputs if I try to install java6-jdk from backports.
> Anyone know when this could be fixed? :-)
> kroton:/home/norrs# uname -a
> Linux kroton #7 SMP Tue Jun 24 15:27:19 CEST 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux

rhonda@edna:~$ rmadison -u bpo sun-java6-jdk
sun-java6-jdk | 6-00-2~bpo.1 | etch-backports/non-free | amd64
sun-java6-jdk | 6-06-1~bpo40+1 | etch-backports/non-free | i386

 The latest package wasn't yet built for amd64, and since it's non-free
it doesn't seem to get picked up automatically. Not sure who did build
it back then for amd64.

 About missing sun-java6-jre version 6-00-2~bpo.1, it's still sitting in
the pool, you will have to fetch it yourself, from any mirror in the
pool/non-free/s/sun-java6 directory, e.g.:

 So long,

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