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Re: Packages for adoption

* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2008-04-27 07:25:00 CEST]:
> This is misrepresenting. I build my packages under etch, and they're
> targeted at etch and work on etch. I build the source packages on
> sid. Etch's dpkg-source can unpack them just fine.

 So you do /not/ build the source part of your packages on sid, only the
binary part.

> Neither Alexander nor Joerg have given me any technical reason for
> why they have a problem with it. Alexander pointed out that it's
> against the "policy", but failed to show me where the policy (with
> which I think he means [0]) talks about source files.

It does neither explicitly talk about binary packages, though:

• Take sure that you have a proper build environment which only contains
  etch and no unneeded backports. Maybe you want to consider pbuilder or
  cowbuilder for building packages.

 While the first word clearly means "Make" I wouldn't try to fight that
it "only" means the built environment for building the binary packages,
especially since it doesn't mention binary at all. To me it is obvious
that it stands also for building the source package.

 So long,

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