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Re: Packages for adoption

martin f krafft schrieb am Sunday, den 27. April 2008:

> also sprach Alexander Wirt <formorer@formorer.de> [2008.04.27.0215 +0400]:
> > since Martin Krafft refuses to use a etch toolchain for his
> > backports and refuse dpkg 1.8 files.
> This is misrepresenting. I build my packages under etch, and they're
> targeted at etch and work on etch. I build the source packages on
> sid. Etch's dpkg-source can unpack them just fine.
And your point is what? There was an unstable part in your toolchain. 

> Neither Alexander nor Joerg have given me any technical reason for
> why they have a problem with it. Alexander pointed out that it's
> against the "policy", but failed to show me where the policy (with
> which I think he means [0]) talks about source files.
Aren't you able to understand that we want to minimise any risk? I don't want
to start to repair any things if they are broken. And its only natural to
insist on a stable toolchain, in my eyes thats one of the central parts of
backport. To have a minimum of changes. 

> They have failed to produce log files of any problems that this
> causes, and I cannot imagine that a few extra fields in the changes
> and dsc files cause a problem; if this were the case, then dak is
> broken.
dak is broken in more ways than you can even imagine. 


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