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Re: Postgresql 8.3

* Adrián Ribao Martínez <aribao@gmail.com> [2008-02-05 14:23:33 CET]:
> yesterday was released postgresql 8.3, with a lot of new features and 
> improvements.

 That's a pretty quick request - usually it should be given some time to
stabilize. But given that Martin is tracking it pretty well himself and
switch to pg 8.3 RC as default already in unstable I think it might
still be a reasonable request anyway.

> The version 8.3 RC2 is already in testing and 8.3.0-1 in SID.

 I do the backports of 8.2 already and am aware of it - and well, I
thought it doesn't make much sense to upload a RC already, even if I'm
aware that Martin is doing a great job here.

> RC2 was the last release candidate, I have already installed it at
> home and it works ok.

 Thanks, will give it a shot.

> Now I'd like use 8.3 in my Debian etch server, so I hope you guys can
> include it soon in the backports. Is there any plan about that?

 I have it on my agenda, just not with an urgent priority. Are the new
features and improvements really that stunning to rush it in?

 So long,

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