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Backport of debhelper


I saw that there is now a new debhelper package version 6 in SID. I have
been told by my sponsor to have a dependency to it, and set my
compatibility level to 6. This is quite ok, but I need to maintain my
package for Etch. I did a quick backport of debhelper from SID on my
laptop, and it doesn't seems to be causing any trouble.

So, as you might expect: would it be possible to have a backport of the
debhelper package in www.backports.org so I can bump the dependency of
it into all the package that I maintain, and still be able to compile
them for Etch? Thanks in advance.

Thomas Goirand

P.S: I'm not registered to the list. I know it's not of best practice,
but I'd appreciate if you could write to me as Cc: to the list.

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