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Re: backports on CD/DVD (via jigdo)

On 11278 March 1977, Stefan Pampel wrote:

> Actually it seems the only way is to set up a mirror, which i think is a
> bit over-sized. Wouldn't it be nice to have weekly jigdo templates for
> CD/DVD like debian testing?

I dont think so, but others may think different.

> The motivation is to help out in situations were you only have
> low-bandwidth or no Internet connection.

Well. If you get something written that enables us to provide such
images *easily*, it should be possible to have a (i guess non-mirrored,
but that depends on the size of them) location providing them.

bye Joerg
<vorlon> I wouldn't call it a registry, though.  How about "link farm"? :)
<aj> hard links, hard links
<vorlon> with a link link here and a link link there
<aj> here a link, there a link, everywhere a link link

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