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Re: etch-backports / postgresql-8.2


 Martin, please read below, this question turned up on backports-users.

* Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann <ostmann@websuche.de> [2008-01-24 17:42:51 CET]:
> >* Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann <ostmann <at> websuche.de> [2008-01-15 
> >16:01:20 CET]:
> >>Sorry for that short mail, send to fast.
> VERSION = PostgreSQL 8.2.6
> >>i think currently are the following flags are wrong `pg_config`:
> >>BINDIR = /usr/bin
> >>PKGLIBDIR = /usr/lib
> >>PGXS = /usr/lib/pgxs/src/makefiles/pgxs.mk
> >
> > Those are the sames set in the version of postgresql-8.2 on testing.
> >Are those causing any problems?
> VERSION = PostgreSQL 8.2.5

 Alright. Did you actually took a look at the changelog for 8.2.6? I
found in it the following entry:

  * Ship pg_config in postgresql-server-dev, and ship a copy in /usr/bin in
    libpq-dev, instead of libpq-dev shipping it in
    /usr/lib/postgresql/<version>/bin. This makes it possible to use a
    libpq-dev from a different major version (like 8.3 from experimental).
    (Closes: #455509)

 Did you try to use /usr/lib/postgresql/8.2/bin/pg_config instead,
because that gives me the data you are expecting.

 Wether the output of /usr/bin/pg_config is an error or on intention I
can't tell, I am forwarding this to the actual package maintainer.

> i am using the enumkit from Andrew Dunstan 
> (http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/databases/2006/01/06/enumerated-fields-in-postgresql.html)
> it works very fine, but he need pg_config to get the libdir, pgxs and 
> other things. with the new version, this enumkit wont work, becouse 
> postgres himself is looking in /usr/lib/postgresql/8.2/lib i think and 
> pg_config told that the .so must be in /usr/lib. After i copied the .so 
> files from /usr/lib to /usr/lib/postgresql/8.2/lib and edit the makefile 
> to use the old pg_config --pgxs it works :)

 Can you make it use the pg_config from /usr/lib/postgresql/8.2/bin
instead of the one in /usr/bin? Because like said above that gives me
the paths you would be expecting. Wether this would be a workaround or
the proper approach to your problem is something that hopefully Martin
can add a comment on.

 So long,

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