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Re: backporting lyx 1.5.2 to Etch

On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 06:07:05PM +0100, emisca wrote:
> I'm trying to backport lyx 1.5.2 to Etch for my unofficial repository
> (http://emiscabpo.wordpress.com), and I would like to ask you some
> things, to see if they are correct or wrong.
> * lyx 1.5.2 source package requires python-support >= 0.6, I replaced
> it with >= 0.5.6

That should require to remove the ${python:Depends} field from control aswell.

> * can I disable the libboost 1.34 dependency and build lyx removing
> the --without-included-boost so it will use the included 1.34
> libboost?

I guess that's the only possible way to build it without a boost backport.
I'm not sure what's the policy on that topic for backports.org but I can
imagine that a boost backport could be painful.

> * I've removed the dh_icons command in debian/rules and removed the
> debhelper 5.0.51 dependency, as it is not present in Etch. How I can
> simulate similar behaviour without backporting debhelper?

I'm not sure but afair there was no update for the icon cache stuff before.

> Doing these changes I was able to compile using pbuilder a binary
> package, and lyx works.
> I would like to create a "clean" backport, so I asked you these things...

Personaly I would prefer a backport because I still consider the
1.5 series to be not ready for daily use. YMMV on this topic and the chance
for is gone now anyway.

Beside that 1.5.2 did not migrate to testing so far because building a
package like lyx seems to be a challenging task for autobuilders. So it's
not a big deal at the moment to build with the included boost libs for your
personal use.

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