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matching rubygems and librubygems available


I just went through installing ruby, irb and rdoc from your great
collection of etch backports that I just discovered.

However, when I then try to install rubygems from either stable or
testing, I run into problems.

Don't expect you to solve those problems!  :-)  Before giving up on
backports ruby, thought I'd check with you about gems.

But do you have a matching librubygems and rubygems packages for the
other ruby 1.8 packages on the site?

Or is there a problem with the gems package - ie, some reason that you
decided not to provide it at this time?

Do you build rubygems from source in this case?




superuser pan:/etc/apt $ dpkg -l |egrep "ruby|rails|rdoc"

ii  libopenssl-ruby1.8                1.8.5-4
OpenSSL interface for Ruby 1.8
ii  libreadline-ruby1.8               1.8.5-4
Readline interface for Ruby 1.8
ii  libruby1.8                        1.8.5-4
Libraries necessary to run Ruby 1.8
ii  libzlib-ruby                      0.6.0+ruby1.8.2-1
Extension library to use zlib from Ruby
ii  rdoc1.8                           1.8.5-4
Generate documentation from Ruby source file
ii  ruby1.8                           1.8.5-4
Interpreter of object-oriented scripting lan

Gordon Pedersen         gordon@visi.com

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