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backport for libssh2 (to support backport for curl)


On Tue, 09 Oct 2007, Kamaraju Kusumanchi wrote:
> Can someone create an etch backport for curl 7.17.0-1? I want to backport 
> octave 1:2.9.14-1 and it needs libcurl4-dev. But it in turn depends on a lot 
> of packages that are not present in Etch. It would be of great help if some 
> one can do this.

It is possible to backport curl if libssh2 is backported.

I think curl is a reasonably popular package so that its support of
ssh2 (which is why this re-build is required) may be a good thing to
have in backports.

libssh2 can be backported to etch without making any changes to
the source package in testing. I can do this if no one else wants to.



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