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xserver-xorg-video-intel - candidate for backporting ???


The intel X driver is greatly improved in unstable vs the i810 version
present in etch. Among other things, the version in etch does not properly
support the DVI outputs in my system, it leaves an interpolation filter
enabled which results in blurry output.

I think a backport to etch would be valuable. The only difficulty is that
there are dependancies spanning several source packages. Anyway, I could
get things worked out by recompiling the binary packages
xserver-xorg, xserver-xorg-core, xserver-xorg-video-intel,
xserver-xorg-input-mouse, xserver-xorg-input-kbd and libdrm2.

The intel drivers in testing would install without recompiling the
input drivers, they do not run stable on my system.

I'm not sure if there is enough interest to justify a backport from
unstable to etch ???

I'd prefer to be copied in any replies.


Michel Lespinasse

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