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Re: git-svn and git-core dependencies


On Tue, Sep 18, 2007 at 08:03:35AM +0100, Nick Leverton wrote:
> I wanted to install parts of git (specifically git-svn) to learn how they
> work, but it seems the packages depend on "git-core (>
> 1:, git-core (< 1:"  Apart from looking odd (I could
> understand less-than but am struggling with less-than,
> I think this can only be satisfied by git-core 1: from unstable.

  % dpkg --compare-versions lt 1: && echo true

... so the dependency is fine (even though I don't understand it either).

However, git-core has only been built and uploaded for
amd64, hppa, mips and sparc so far, while git-svn is an architecture
independent package. I suppose that this is the actual problem you're facing
right now. You have to wait for the buildd admin of your architecture to
upload the package.


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