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Re: lighttpd 1.4.16-5~bpo40+1 seems to be broken

Pierre Habouzit schrieb am Dienstag, den 28. August 2007:

Hi Pierre, Hi Uwe,

> > > Beibehalten der folgenden Pakete in ihrer aktuellen Version:
> > > lighttpd [1.4.13-4etch1 (stable, stable, now)]
> > you are right, its broken. I'm sorry - I overlooked this detail during NEW
> > processing, I will remove it from bpo. 
>   *FSCK* my bad, I had a reject first time because of a bad changelog
> that wasn't build with the proper -v, and I forgot to rebuild it in my
> etch chroot.
I accepted the upload, so it should be available soon. 


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