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Re: Please don't upload to sarge-bpo anymore

On 11014 March 1977, Alexander Wirt wrote:

> due to the ongoing discussions about sarge-bpo I decided to stop uploads to
> sarge bpo. Please _DON'T_ upload to it anymore, we are currently working on a
> solution. 

And for the rest of the list - it most probably means we add a new suite
to the backports-archive which is an exact copy of current
sarge-bpo. And then only allow to manually get packages in one of the
two, ie. every new version needs to be hand approved/added by a

That will allow to have sarge-bpo running once for those that want even
lenny versions in, but at the same time have a largely similar
sarge-bpo, that has "etch +etch-security versions" as a maximum policy.

Now I wonder which way is better - keeping the current sarge-backports
as it is and introduce the new suite for "gets new packages".

Or let the new suite be the frozen one and upload continues to

However its done, there are some things that affect it.

Like - the stuff in the suites has to be build. Currently autobuilder
are running for sarge-bpo and etch-bpo, adding a suite means having
another wanna-build entry, getting all build daemons to also build and upload
for the new suite, etc.

Also means added maintenance, we have to keep that additional part up
and clean. And get packages in or out.

The size of the archive wouldnt increase too much, basically only by "a
new set of Packages.gz/Contents files plus the differing versions of
packages". So that should be ok for the mirrors.

(Some) People have to change their sources.list.

As always in IT its easier said than done. :)

> And now please stop the discussions, I'm really tired of repeating everything
> again and again. 

Then dont repeat. Write new words every time! :)

bye Joerg
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