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Re: New user requests and etch-bpo

Hi Alexander,

|--==> Alexander Wirt writes:

  AW> Hi folks, 
  AW> as Norbert is currently very very short in time I also took over the task
  AW> of adding users to the backports dak. So if you asked for upload permissions please
  AW> drop me a mail or join us in our IRC channel #debian-backports @ oftc
  AW> and ask me again for it. 

Thanks for having taken over the task. Below follows a copy of my
initial request.

Our overall goal, as Debian Multimedia Team, is to provide etch
backports of the packages we maintain to people who need bleeding edge
audio/video software (in this area the latest and greatest version is
often the best to use), but don't want to follow lenny.



From: Free Ekanayaka <freee@debian>
Subject: Etch backports for audio/multimedia packages
To: nobse@debian.org
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 18:54:54 +0200
Organization: 64 Studio


first of all thanks for the great service backports.org is providing!

I'm the (co)maintainer of some audio/multimedia Debian packages:


and I'd like to provide etch backports for most or all of them. Is the
archive at backports.org already accepting uploads target to etch?

I've read that in order to get my key in the keyring, I have to ask
Norbert Tretkowski, is this the right address? If so please add it,
you find it here:




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