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Re: Upgrading to etch.

Luis Matos schrieb:
> Qua, 2007-04-11 às 17:28 +0200, Alexander Wirt escreveu:
>> Luis Matos schrieb am Mittwoch, den 11. April 2007:
>> > Putting etch in sources.list and removing backports always works.
>> > 
>> > (using dist-upgrade)
>> > 
>> > versions in backports are always smaller than testing, wich makes the
>> > transition easier.
>> I have a BIG BIG BIG disclaimer here, as we don't stop sarge-bpo it can
>> happen that versions in sarge-bpo can be greater than in etch which can lead
>> to broken upgrade paths from sarge -> etch. 
> yes, yes ...
> agreed
> the answear to it is to use etch + backports entries in sources.list.

No, I would *never* recommend to use etch together with sarge-backports,
even if there where packages newer than etch in sarge-backports.
Packages in sarge-backports should always be built in a clean Sarge
environment -- even after Etch has been released and testing has become


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