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Re: Current amd64 build status

Ok, I had not noticed the subversion difference, which would indeed affect me. The ones I'd seen seemed inconsequential, but I did not know about the auto-build process, which the differences would seem to imply is not happening for amd64.

If the problem is the lack of build server hardware I can easily remedy that.

On Apr 2, 2007, at 10:19 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:

Sean Lynch wrote:
I notice that a lot of packages that didn't used to be built for
amd64 are now built, which is really great to see. Is it currently
looking like amd64 builds are going to keep up with i386 builds? Is
there anything that's likely to stand in the way of amd64 keeping up
in the future?

Upon what do you base this upon?  I do not see this myself.  Take
subversion for an example.

  On amd64: subversion-1.3.2-5~bpo1
  On i686: subversion-1.4.2dfsg1-2~bpo.1

And git-core for another example:

  On amd64: git-core-1:
  On i686: git-core-1:

And so forth.  So as far as I can see the amd64 autobuilder is not
building packages for backports.  As an amd64 user I wish there were
some way for me to assist to improve things.  The differences is often

Thanks for all the great work.

Thanks from me as well.  Regardless of my counter assertion that amd64
is not getting autobuilt I do want to also thank everyone for the work
on the backports.  They have really been useful.


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