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Re: Current amd64 build status

Sean Lynch wrote:
> I notice that a lot of packages that didn't used to be built for  
> amd64 are now built, which is really great to see. Is it currently  
> looking like amd64 builds are going to keep up with i386 builds? Is  
> there anything that's likely to stand in the way of amd64 keeping up  
> in the future?

Upon what do you base this upon?  I do not see this myself.  Take
subversion for an example.

  On amd64: subversion-1.3.2-5~bpo1
  On i686: subversion-1.4.2dfsg1-2~bpo.1

And git-core for another example:

  On amd64: git-core-1:
  On i686: git-core-1:

And so forth.  So as far as I can see the amd64 autobuilder is not
building packages for backports.  As an amd64 user I wish there were
some way for me to assist to improve things.  The differences is often

> Thanks for all the great work.

Thanks from me as well.  Regardless of my counter assertion that amd64
is not getting autobuilt I do want to also thank everyone for the work
on the backports.  They have really been useful.


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