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Re: Building with pbuilder was: submitting backported ntfs-3g ?


On Thu, Jan 04, 2007, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:
> OK, I'm trying to make out the exact steps... Let's say I already have the 
> source packages and the ds file (the package builds all right). ANd I have 
> pbuilder installed.
> First I do
> pbuilder create --distribution sarge --mirror ftp://ftp.ie.debian.org
> But then I need to add the backports.org to the pbuilder environment; how do I 
> do that? I assume I would not untgz the base.tgz file and change it?

 Adding the backports.org repo to the pbuilder depends on the exact
 backend you're using.  If you use the tarball-based backend, you can:
    pbuilder login --save-after-login
 (and edit sources.list from there; don't forget to apt-get update)

 If you're using the COW based backend, you should see a directory under
 your basepath, just edit base.cow/etc/apt/sources.list (don't forget to
 apt-get update).

 I suggest you use the "pbuilder-satisfydepends-experimental" flavor for
 this setup, as I don't think the default "pbuilder-satisfydepends"
 script can select the proper build-deps from backports.

> Also: pbuilder refuses to run that create command as user, as it tries to 
> write to /var/cache . Do I really have to run it as root, or is there some 
> other way, i.e. do a chown on /var/cache/pbuilder ?

 You need to run it as root as you need to chroot() and dpkg will also
 require root permissions; the only way not to run as root on the host
 is to use an UML guest.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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