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Re: submitting backported ntfs-3g ?

Mikhail Ramendik wrote:
> Is there anything I should change to satisfy bpo requirements? Should I 
> install the exact debian version of libc6 ? ("aptitude upgrade" won't install 
> it but an express "aptitude install libc6" apparently will). Should I 
> downgrade debhelper and/or pkg-config to sarge versions?

do you know how to build debian packages?

you always build them in a chroot, e.g. with pbuilder or other tools.
when you /rebuild/ the package, so the values in ${shlibs:Depends} are
replaced with the packages from your chroot anyway, so don't care about
them for the moment.

> I would really NOT like to have to test with sarge versions of fuse-related 
> packages. The maintainer probably knew what he was doing.

just ask Adam, he's a friendly person :) maybe he will even provide the
backport himself.

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