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Re: submitting backported ntfs-3g ?

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 22:28, Daniel Baumann wrote:

> > If so, what are the requirements?
> that it is conforming to the guidelines[0] and that you agree to
> maintain the backport (e.g. fixing and responding to bugs on this
> mailing list, as well as keeping the backport up2date).


I'll have to check whether I am using something from bpo that is not 
"absolutely necessary". (However, if the original version expliticly wants a 
higher version than is in sarge, I'll have to assume necessity - this is true 
in regards to fuse-related packages in ntfs-3g).

I may have to downgrade something but I hope I will manage.

> > Or is submission to backports.org limited to Debian developers?
> no. currently, it is done through regular sponsoring. means, you ask
> here on the list for a review and upload, and someone with upload
> privileges on bpo checks and possibly uploads it for you.

OK, will try. Thanks!

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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