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installing openoffice.org_2.0.3

Hello all!

 I am new to this list. I am running a pure sarge system, except by
firefox, which I've installed from backports.
Now I want to install openoffice.org_2.0.3, and I can't. Here are the
steps I made:

1) added the line 

deb http://www.backports.org/debian sarge-backports main contrib

to my sources.list file

2) ran aptitude-update
3) added the following information to the preferences file in
the /etc/apt directory

Package: openoffice.org_2.0.3
Pin: release a=sarge-backports
Pin-Priority: 999

4) ram aptitude install openoffice.org_2.0.3

I get the message 'Couldn't find any package whose name or description
matched "openoffice.org_2.0.3"'

I searched the backports archives looking for a tip, but I was

How openoffice.org_2.0.3 should be installed from backports?

Thanks in advence for any help!


Marcelo Chiapparini

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