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Re: Serious problem with python-uno

> > I've installed OOo 2.0 successfully from backports.org. We have a backend
> you can't, sorry. bpo contains 2.0.3.

Yes, I've installed 2.0.3.

> Works on sid/etch. Must be sarge-backport specific. As there won't be a
> update for the backport anymore...

This is a stable (Sarge) server, installing sid/etch is not possible, at least 
for now.

> rene@mini:~$ python -c 'import uno;'
> rene@mini:~$

Do you use Sid/Etch or Sarge? (I guess Sid or Etch.)

> Must be sarge-backport specific.

I agree.

> > Anybody with the same problem or a solution?
> No, but I can look. Although probably not too early..
> Yet I don't see where a problem could be.

There is a post:


referencing an unavailable old wiki page, that mentions an incompatibility 
between pyuno.so installed and debian's python 2.3.x related to ucs2 and ucs4 
encoding of unicode characters:

"It says the Debian version of python is compiled with UCS4 but python-uno 
only supports UCS2."

Python 2.3.5 is used on our machine, so this could be the problem. But it's a 
really old wiki page, so I don't know for sure. I don't have any idea except 
of recompiling everything or installing OOo 2.0.x with built-in python the 
non-debian way...

We are using a very old OOo 1.1.5 as a workaround. This works fine with it's 
build-in python executable, but lacks some important features.

Thanks for your help.


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