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Re: Accepted ocp 1:0.1.11-1~bpo1 (source i386 all)

Frank Küster wrote:
> However, I'd generally prefer not to have any sid versions on bpo
> (except security uploads), because I want to switch to etch, initially
> without backports, when it's released, and not have a mixture of etch
> plus an arbitrary version that used to be on sid somewhen.


And in case of a security problem, the fix should be backported (for
etch, it has to be backported too, or the package gets into etch, and
then the problem is solved too).

Wrt/ the upgrade path from sarge-backports to etch, packages which are
only in sid can be uploaded on backports without problem.

Will someone going to unnaccept those sid backports which are newer than
the package version in etch (can be tracked through dists-diff, there
aren't that much)? Or, do we leave it this way it happened already? Or,
do we accept them?

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