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Re: Odd version mismatch with smartmontools

Daniel Baumann wrote:
Rob Munsch wrote:
ws2:/etc# aptitude show smartmontools
Package: smartmontools
State: installed
Version: 5.36-8~bpo.1  <=

this is a bug in aptitude, it shows the package state and the latest
version available, not the version which is installed.

use apt-cache policy smartmontools instead.

That's deeply weird; i installed smartmontools not 10 minutes before getting the above output, on a clean system. Why would it install something other than the lastest version available..?

I don't see this behavior occurring with other packages, but I'll go read up on apt-cache. Unless it IS happening with other packages and i just haven't caught them doing anything odd yet..? Oh, yikes...

Rob Munsch
Solutions For Progress IT

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