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Odd version mismatch with smartmontools

Add backports.org as a source.  I'm using a new install, clean machine.
use apt-get or aptitude to install smartmontools.  You will see:

ws2:/etc# aptitude show smartmontools
Package: smartmontools
State: installed
Version: 5.36-8~bpo.1  <=

Ok, seems right.  But now try smartctl -V, and note the output:

smartmontools release 5.32 dated 2004/07/05 at 08:10:26 UTC

Huh?  I can go to
and find smartmontools_5.36-5bpo1_i386.deb, and if i install THAT i get

smartmontools release 5.36 dated 2006/04/12 at 17:39:01 UTC

Ok, that seems better.
So using backports as an apt source gets me a package that claims to be 5.36, but seems to be 5.32. This seems further confirmed by the "fake" 5.36 system spamming: program smartctl is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO

which i believe someone on the smartmontools list told me was because i was using "an old version, not the current."

Very odd.

Rob Munsch
Solutions For Progress IT

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