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Re: PHP5-MySQL-5

Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
* Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
* Daniel Baumann wrote:
i sponsored jan wagners php5 5.2.0 build for bpo this morning. it is
build against libmysqlclient15 now.

Just to clarify: We're building against packages in sarge wherever
possible. If it's possible to build php5 against libmysqlclient from
sarge, I'm going to REJECT the new php5 backport.



Okay, so you ARE going to reject the php5 package if it's built again libmysqlclient15? Okay, I'm still trying to get debian to build it myself, but can't get it to build. But have changed the control file for the build to build off of libmysqlclient15-dev.


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