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Re: PostgreSQL 7.4.7-6sarge3 to bpo postgresql-8.1


I wrote:
lbmlist@hethcote.com schrieb:
**** ERROR ****
Package "postgresql" must either be purged or upgraded to 7.5.x for a clean transition.

Uhm, okay. Apparently you need a backport of postgresql 7.5.x first which is available in testing too. Unfortunately it isn't available on backports.org yet.

Yesterday at work I were in the same situation. Thus I backported the packages postgresl and postgresql-7.4:


Please review and upload the packages to the www.backports.org archive if they are good enough.

Please note that I didn't backport the latest version of postgresql-7.4 which was not involved in the python transition. The current package in Etch and Sid has version 1:7.4.14-1.


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