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linux-2.6.x, udev and scsi hard-disk

Hello All,

is there someone who can give me a hint how to access
a scsi harddisk (several pertitions sda1, ..., sda14) via udev?

Until now I have investigated in searching and reading some docs and
code about udev, especially the rules (persistent.rule, ...).
Comparing the code for hda drives and sda drives looks very similar.
The partions of the sda drive should be visible.

Then I looked / grepped through the '/sys' directory which is read by
the udev tools.  It seems from my point of view that the issue is
located here.  There are no entries for the sda partitions similar to
the entries for a hda drive.

Any hint to step forward is welcome.

I also thaught to raise a bug in the Debian BTS, but how to do that from
a woody-distribution versus sarge/sid?

Kind Regards,

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