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Re: Bits from the bpo ftp-masters

Alexander Wirt schrieb am Freitag, den 30. Juni 2006:

> Hi folks, 
> I think its time to clarify some rules that are still in usage but
> undocumented.
> 1) Please backports everything, only if you think there are real improvements
ARGS. Please read your own mails before you send them: Please _don't_
backport everything of course. 


> 6) There is no formal maintainership on bpo, but its prefered that there is
> some kind of weak sponsorship. So if you want to upload something that is
> still on bpo please tell the other uploader first. If you are unsure who
> uploaded the package last check on: http://backports.org/~formorer/ who
> uploaded the package before. I also have some more detailed stats about
> uploads, but they are currently available for all. Just ask me if you want to
> know more. 
Some small remark: its prefered if the debian maintainer maintains backports 
of his own packages. But this is not a must. 


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