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Bits from the bpo ftp-masters

Hi folks, 

I think its time to clarify some rules that are still in usage but

1) Please backports everything, only if you think there are real improvements
or bugfixes the package should be backported, if you are unsure ask the ML. 

2) Only upload versions that are also in testing. Please don't use bpo as a
waiting queue. Its not our job to check everytime if your package is still in
testing. This will be handled much more consequently than in then the past.
But of course there are exceptions of this rule. If the package is important
enough to get an exception you can upload versions that aren't in testing
yet. Popular examples of this rule are: kernel, openoffice or x.org. If you
need an exception get in touch with nobse or me. 

3) Please only sponsor other people if you trust them and if you are sure
that they will maintain the backport in the future, or that you will maintain

4) Unlike debian.org bpo has no support for command files, if you need
something removed from the upload directory get in touch with us.

5) There is now support for bpo on packages.debian.org, but you have to add
yourself to the uploaders file to get it working. 

6) There is no formal maintainership on bpo, but its prefered that there is
some kind of weak sponsorship. So if you want to upload something that is
still on bpo please tell the other uploader first. If you are unsure who
uploaded the package last check on: http://backports.org/~formorer/ who
uploaded the package before. I also have some more detailed stats about
uploads, but they are currently available for all. Just ask me if you want to
know more. 

Hmmm I think thats all for now. Don't hesitate to ask me or nobse if you have
any questions. 

Your friendly ftp-master


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