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Re: fail2ban on backports.org

On Wed, Jun 07, 2006 at 05:27:53PM -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Thank you for your interest!
> I've tried to make fail2ban as easy to port to sarge as possible (init.d
> script compatible with sarge, appropriate logwatch rules available
> from online, may be smth else :-) ) and had been successfully using it
> on sarge systems and keeping it available for sarge from my local
> repository (deb http://itanix.rutgers.edu/rumba/ sarge backport).

I've just installed fail2ban from Sid on a backports.org system and it
went without trouble.  I haven't enabled and tested it yet though, such
things are best done when fresh :)


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