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Re: thanks for amd64 version of git-core

* Bob Proulx wrote:
> I noticed today that my amd64 machine was offered the git-core
> upgrade to 1.2.6-0bpo1. Previously only the older 1.1.3-0bpo2
> version. Which means that someone either kicked the amd64
> autobuilder or manually uploaded for amd64 the newer version. Among
> other things this enables gitk for me. I wanted to say thanks!

Sebastian Harl built the amd64 version, because we didn't know what
was the issue with git-core on the amd64 buildd(s).

> And of course I want more. It would be great to have available a
> backport of the 1.3 version from testing. :-)

I just uploaded 1.3.3-0bpo1, let's see what the amd64 buildd will do
with it... :)


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