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Re: XOrg 6.9.0.dfsg.1-5bpo2 eats up all CPU

> Since the begining, firefox is a 'memory eater'. I've had it since its 
> first releases, and not always with a enough-ram-memory computer (I 
> started using it with 256). And it's always the same. Everything goes 
> smooth at the beginning, -just if it had some bug on the "garbage 
> collection"-, but with time it ends up putting the computer on its knees.
> Since I've got now 1Gb RAM, I don't apreciate this. Maybe it's better 
> with new releases, but I bet not.

I can't confirm this under x.org 6.8.2 with a firefox installation from
mozilla.org. I've been running the latest three firefox versions non-stop
with only restarting them upon a new release. This is with daily heavy
surfing and sometimes hundreds of tabs open. The memory eating problem may
or may not be extension related or it may be confined to certain
combinations of hardware/drivers.


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