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Re: KDE for amd64?

> The "problem" is not that the packages are not backported, but that the
> buildd hasn't already build them.

Interesting, OK, thanks for the info!  It sounds like it's not futile to
compile from source packages then.
> I guess that Frederik Schueler (fs), which admins the buildds used for
> debians amd64-port as well as the one for backports.org, is busy atm
> with the amd64 inclusion on ftp.debian.org. Hopefully he can reschedule
> the KDE packages once it's done.

I'm looking forward to amd64 being official - not that it's been hard to
run it while it's unofficial...  Goswin and friends have done an excellent

Thanks for the info!

Take care,
Dale E. Martin - dale@the-martins.org

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